Rules For School

✿ Both employees and students must post at least once every two weeks. If you can't make that deadline, let Chingu know and she will give you a one-week extension. You may have up to 3 extensions.

✿ If you are accepted, you must provide a 250 x 250 head-shot image for the "Staff" page.

✿ No mature content. None. Whatsoever. No exceptions.

✿ For now, you may only have ONE character (either a student or employee).

✿ All pages must be clean and complete. No sketches; lineart is fine.

✿ Your characters don't have to be nice (but not excessively mean either), but YOU, as a person, must be at least respectful and somewhat kind to others.

✿ When you include another character, make sure to draw them in-character. If you aren't sure how he/she acts, ask the user who created him/her.

✿ Rules are subject to change at any given time.